Kidnapping: Expect the Unexpected (2012)


Initiative Films, LCC is a Veteran's Owned Company.

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/WRITER: The Honorable Carlos C. Campbell served in the Administration of President Reagan as the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development, U.S. Department of Commerce (1981-1984).

In 2011, Mr. Campbell was elected to the D100, the top 100 most influential Corporate Directors in America by the National Association of Corporate Directors.


Kidnapping: Expect the Unexpected will Premier in Cannes, France at the Marche du Film Festival

May 18th at 1:30pm venue:GRAY 4.

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Expect the Unexpected is a feature length documentary film about the kidnapping and ransom of corporate executives. Each year hundreds of thousands of corporate executives travel through the world and, along with members of their families, are exposed to the threat of kidnapping and being held for ransom.

The objectives of this film are:

1) To motivate individuals to take responsibility for their own safety;

2) To recognize that incompetence and complacency are the bookends of chaos and

3) To persuade corporations to include the prospect of executive kidnapping with their crisis management programs.

To facilitate these objectives, interviews are held with four of the most experienced individuals from the intelligence and operations community that have unique real world experience. The first interview is about THE THREAT and is with Rich Roth, formerly with the Presidential Detail of the U.S. Secret Service. The next interview is about PREVENTION and with Peter Savage, formerly with the clandestine side of the Central Intelligence Agency. The next interview is about NEGOTIATION and features Chris Voss, formerly with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mr. Voss was one of the most successful negotiators in the history of the FBI and conducted over 150 such events. The final interview is on EXTRACTION and is with Lt. Colonel Bill Cowan, USMC (Ret.). Lt. Colonel Cowen is a legend in the Special Operations community and appears frequently as an analyst for FOX News. He has had a long history of work with the CIA and successfully led the operation to extract seven hostages from Kuwait in 1990 when that nation was occupied by Iraq.

Mr. Campbell has produced documentary films, television talk shows, a film festival, and has performed as an actor in films and commercials. He has been a member of SAG since 1971.